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PEM Fuel Cell Technology

10x MicroStructures owner started  PEM Plates LLC and was the president and CEO from 1990 to 1993.  The owner also has filed patents and patents pending on high speed cost effective manufacture methods techniques for conductive separator plates.  The experience include patentsand patent filings for process equipment in the manufacture of PEM fuel cell components (ie. patent no. 6,454,978 and Filings 20030170426, 20020149107, 20020110614, 200 and 20108510).

Micro-structured PEM membranes and separator plates development
Custom non-reactive coatings for stainless steel separator plates
Increase active areas in catalysts
Micro-hydration of carbon separator plates
Micro-PEM Fuel Cells

Pem Plates LLC
Established in 1999 (Former Stimsonite Fuel Cell Group).
Company Objective
Produce Molded Bipolar Separator Plates of the highest quality while meeting the needs of cost sensitive customers.  
Be the first dedicated manufacture of $10/kW bipolar separator plates by innovative manufacturing and product design.