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About Us

10x MicroStructures is based on over twenty years of experience in evaluating and scaling up micro-structured products from initial concept into full production.  10x is a located in Wheeling, Illinois just miles north of Chicago O'Hare International Airport off of I-294.  10x processes run 10 times faster, 10 times smaller, 10 times more cost effective and 10 times more accurate.  10x has a electroforming facility, embossing equipment, injection molding, a full CNC machine shop, a development facility with chemical lab, and micro-replication lab with white-room and clean-room like environments.  

10x has a facility dedicated to manufacturing products using web roll-to-roll technology and injection molding.  These facilities are capable of producing replicated products with features such as lenticulars, prisms, Fresnel, moth-eye lens and corner cube optics.  The features can be in a continuous or non-continuous array.   

We look forward to helping you with the solution to your project.


10x MicroStructures Team

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