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Sample Kits

Functional Surfaces by 10x MicroStructures

10x is offering injection molded sample discs with functional surfaces focused on micro and nanostructures.  These microstructred samples can come in many different materaials.  We can also process customer specific materials can be processed upon request.  The samples are two (2) inch diameter discs with an one and a half (1.5) inch active area that has been recessed into the part.  A sample kit comes with twelve (12) sample discs that may be made up of different patterns.

Order your sample pack today by calling 847-215-7448 or emailing 10xSales@mttusa.net

Sample Kit #
10x MicroStructures™ (10x) is an authorized manufacturer of Sharklet™ bacteria resistant and non-stick microstructure products available in SK (Positive Sharklet™) and ISK (Inverse Sharklet™) configurations.  The primary Sharklet™ micro-pattern is very small—about 3 microns tall and 2 microns wide.  You cannot see the micro-pattern with the naked eye and you cannot feel it with your finger, but it’s there, protecting the surface against bacteria and other microorganisms.

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